What is StorySpotters?

StorySpotters is a matchmaker, idea engine and resource-finder for content creators like filmmakers, TV/web producers and podcasters looking for characters to anchor positively disruptive storytelling projects inspired by scientific, social change and environmental themes.


Who is StorySpotters for?

Content Creators: We offer access to a curated community of change agents in scientific, social change and environmental fields who can serve as characters, research resources and networking hubs for a wide range of factual entertainment formats.
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Change Agents: We’re building a curated community of idea ambassadors whose stories - in the hands of talented storytellers - have the potential to propel important scientific, social change and environmental ideas into mainstream media and cultural conversations.
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How does StorySpotters help content creators?

We know how resource and time-consuming it is to find, validate and pursue story opportunities, especially in scientific, social change and environmental fields, where search and due diligence efforts can be more involved. Our curated database of story-ready change agents helps make it easier to pinpoint qualified, compelling subjects for factual entertainment-based projects.


How does StorySpotters source talent?

Unlike traditional talent agencies or casting services, we cultivate long-term relationships with a global network of foundations, non-profits, think tanks and other thought leaders that afford unique access to leading figures in their fields. We help bring down search costs and fast-track efforts to find the right talent through additional matchmaking tools and targeted production support services.


What happens when I start a Personal or Project Profile on StorySpotters?

After you submit basic information about yourself and/or your project here, our team will begin building a detailed profile - tailored to the information needs of media professionals - on your behalf. You will have an opportunity to approve your in-depth profile before any information is selectively shared with prospective storytellers when our beta launches.

Know of someone who should be featured in StorySpotters?

If you know of a great person, project or organization that the world needs to hear more about, you can help match them with talented content creators by nominating them here.

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